The Brave is a movement of women who will walk tall in confidence with their faces turned full towards a future marked by vision and purpose! Our Women’s ministry is both rich and deep and will gather annually for a spectacular women’s retreat

Grow groups and Interest groups “AIR Church PODS” run all throughout the year and provide a great opportunity for every woman to become part of the family of faith.

Whether you’re a young adult, a mum of three, or a single woman wanting to be inspired, loved and befriended- we desire to do just that!

She will be marked as brave, not because she hasn’t fallen, but because she’s learned the way to rise again, clothed in grace, and truth.

She will be brave in giving because she has learned how to receive; brave in battle because she knows the One who fights for her; and brave in her loving because she truly knows the unending love of the One who is Love.

Head over to our EVENTS page to find out when our next event will be or contact us for more information.