The Seventh Day: Rest

The seventh day is when God chose to rest from all His work! It’s also part of a promise God gave Job that on the seventh day, no harm will come near him!
There comes a time of completion where all that’s come against you ends, not because it’s run out of energy, but because it’s run out of time- it’s the seventh day and God finally says ‘stop’ to it! Time to rest!

His providence rules. There’s coming a conclusion to all of the confusion. God is on your side and you’ll soon realise that He never left you for a second, even while the battle raged.
The seventh day! It’s worth celebrating even if you find yourself on day 5. Breakthrough has never been closer! God reigns, let the earth rejoice!


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Prayer: When They Aren’t Answered

This small devotion on prayer looks at the three spheres of the Christian life- the sphere of destiny (where you can speak to the mountain and see it thrown into the sea), the sphere of providence (where mountains don’t seem to move, yet God turns them completely upside down and uses them for good and for His glory), and the sphere of predestination (where God stands as Lord over all). Sometimes when God appears silent and prayers unanswered, He’s actually working a better plan than we could ever have thought of.

The Misunderstood

Jenny Gilpin shares about the greatest weapon of attack currently being wielded against you - the weapon of being misunderstood. When people misunderstand you they box you off and put you in the too hard basket, yet is the exact opposite for God. He celebrates and protects His own. Sure, we develop character in the process of alienation which is essential and necessary, but there’s coming a day, like Joseph, when God lifts you up and nothing and no one can stop it.

Remember Who You Are

REMEMBER WHO is a short inspiration filmed on the central coast of New South Wales to encourage you to never forget who you are! Taken from the Song of Songs found in the middle of the Bible, it shows the power of identity and the strength that comes from it, especially when that identity is bound directly with heaven!