We have geared everything in the church to both serving you and helping you become and experience all that God has for you!

The Bible is clear about your future! Firstly it declares:

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”’

– Jeremiah 29:11

And secondly, it reassures us:

‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.’

– Romans 8:28

God has the ability to turn things around, restore and put things back together stronger than ever before, and bless you more than you think.


Dave became a Christian at Sydney University while studying Civil Engineering.

Jen was adopted at 10 days old to a Christian family (She’s since re-connected with her birth mum and all her siblings) and has always loved God.

Dave and Jen have a huge heart to raise awesome believers and great leaders! Their history of Church planting across the world (including the UK, Ghana, Germany and Malaysia) has proven this, with so many released into the best years of their lives.

While in Europe, Jen founded a charity that gave freedom and dignity back to thousands of survivors of modern day slavery. Her heart is to encourage the city and the nation to not hold back on their God-given dreams.

They have one grown up son who lives in Sydney and loves songwriting and orchestration!


James and Sally are a young family with two high energy girls called Jordan and Burley! James and Sally trained for ministry at ISEE Church in Brisbane and have a huge heart to create a home for the family of God through stirring up vision, authentic care and strong, healthy mentoring.

James grew up searching for answers after a home crisis brought on a form of Tourette’s at the tender age of 4! It led him both to Christ and to a revelation that he was not born to just ‘fit in’ but to stand out. Being the only Australian Pastor with first hand knowledge of this personal challenge, James shares a message of how God can lead you to your purpose through your pain.

James believes the church should be the most vibrant and life-giving environment in the community. He is unashamedly passionate about moving the church from a place of ‘dreams and words’ to ‘goals and actions’.

Sally has spent nearly two decades managing, launching and directing hair salons. It was in the salon that Sally’s pastoral heart was unearthed and activated. Women would often experience the ministry of healing, freedom, and love, with hair just being a bonus. Sally believes that the church is stronger and healthier when men and women are leading together.

Sally is passionate about breaking chains of tradition and seeing men and women operating in the giftings that God has purposed for them both. Sally is most spiritually recharged in worship. This is where she sharpens her prophetic edge to then help lift others to higher levels!


Danny and Hannah Tan are also a young family with two gorgeous children called Morgan and Megan!

Danny got saved in his mid-twenties at the lowest time of his life. He felt the call of God to ministry leadership and served Malaysia through becoming the Youth Alive Director for the Assemblies of God. Hannah got saved at 12 years of age and went on to study to become a teacher. After 20 years of ministry in Malaysia, they both felt called to Australia to impact this nation for Christ, and through it- the nations!

Here at AIR, Danny and Hannah are enthusiastic about connecting with people from various cultures and backgrounds.

They are devoted to building the Church holistically and look forward to bringing everyone together! They are excited to see your uniqueness and significance shine in the Body of Christ. They can’t wait to see you!