Matthew 6:16-18 tells us that when we fast God will reward us openly. Fasting is another powerful Christian lifestyle. When we fast we are creating room and space for God. Also, Mark 9:29 tells us that some forms of deliverance and spiritual breakthrough is only the result of prayer and fasting.

Fasting is a powerful weapon to create breakthrough and generational momentum in our lives. Sometimes when we are believing for supernatural healing, provision, restoration, deliverance or breakthrough. Fasting is another weapon that God has placed in our Arsenal to live the overcoming life that he has called us to.

Fasting also has many well documented health benefits. Fasting has been known to reduce and eject cancer cells from the body, improve digestive conditions, respiratory and auto-immune disorders as well as many others.

There are many different forms of fasting. These can include the Daniel fast which is simply fruit, vegetables and water. Intermittent fasting – this where a person might eat for a 6-8 hour window and then allow the remaining 16-18 hours within that 24 hour window to digest and process thoroughly. And of course the 40 day no food fasts which both Moses and Jesus participated in.

Fasting should be always be done with prayer. Fasting without a diligent prayer life is simply a ‘diet’.