The Values of AIR Church Gold Coast are:

1. To be enthralled by everyone, no matter what their background, values, vision or viewpoints.

2. To be led by God’s Spirit and not by what’s expedient; popular, easy or cheap.

3. To regularly breathe in deep breaths of God’s love from Heaven (allow Him to replenish you) and regularly breathe out deep breaths of God’s love for the World.

4. To love others more than they love us.

5. To allow forgiveness to overcome injustice; prayer to overcome inadequacy, and God’s Word to overcome inertia.

6. To believe that in the storms, Jesus is ever-present and turning everything that’s against us into something that’s for us.

7. To allow Christ to take us into all of our world, to unwrap the good news of His kingdom to those humble in heart and soul.

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